DJTWalk– Owner and Show Collaborator. He is From Alaska Loves His Wife, God and Family. A True Builder of The Kingdom follow him on Twitter and Instagram. As he always says Walk Worthy eph 4:1 adn he lives by Proverbs 27:2

Javon `Legend’ Legon– Co-Host of the Red Hour Sports show, has been a part of Team Red since August 2014. As a native of Jacksonville, FL and graduate of Florida State University with 3 years as a member of FSU Basketball Javon is a self-proclaimed ambassador of Florida sports. In addition to the everyday 9-5 Javon currently serves as a Booking & Talent Manager with Atlanta-based CAnthony Entertainment ( and has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and internationally in support of many of his favorite musical artists. Javon now resides in Atlanta where he is a member of Renovation Church and is passionate about volunteer mobilization and mentorship via his role in the non-profit organization Man Up! Inc.

1God1Army– This is the distro company that helps get your music in the rotation. Submit your music to them via

DJ Sam Smite is an Inspirational DJ and scratch producer from the United States, known for his faith-based selections, live mash-ups, and scratching mixstyle. Unafraid to wear his faith on his sleeve, DJ Sam Smite is emerging as one of the most sought after Inspirational DJs in the country.Driven to bring balance to the music entertainment industry, his skill for knowing how to keep his crowds engaged in a variety of venues, has made him a favorite amongst his DJ peers and Christian industry’s heavyweights.His latest compilation series “Sam Smite Selections” are not to be missed. These mixes are centered on the heart and soul of uplifting and inspirational music.

DJ E LIZ- Elizabeth Hayes, known now as DJ E LIZ, began playing in the electronic scene in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 2000’s. In 2003, she played in several clubs and DJ’ed in “Battle of the Sexes”. E Liz has also played with a list of other DJ’s at the local “Tea Dance” parties including Mindub and Spoon. Currently DJ E LIZ resides in Tallahassee, Florida, Her 12 years of overall experience speaks for itself, E LIZ is well seasoned without losing her zest for new experiences and thirst for greater challenges!

Dj EarlThe3rd- Earl, aka DJ Earl The 3rd, is from Cleveland, Ohio but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He went to school in Tallahassee, Florida, where he was beat like a slave in Architecture at FAMU for 5 years. For some weird reason, he stayed down in Tallahassee two more years after school and started his DJ career in2007. Here, he met many people who shaped his life today, more notably his wife Mihia. They have recently relocated to Atlanta as of present and have a young son named Malachi that Earl hopes to get on the turntables soon. He loves college students…mostly because he did some boneheaded stuff in school himself and wants to do everything possible to prevent other people from doing the same things. This is why he became a DJ, to provide an easy to access, attractive, but real way to give advice to the masses and provide a platform for musicians who want to do the same. Ultimately, he is a Christian whose whole life revolves around sharing his faith in Jesus.

Track Starz– Take a ride on the Track with the Atlanta based Trio of Ryan RighteousSeantana (born Sean Grant), and DJ Jeremaya

Yadah Da King Radio is a gospel urban music talk show, that hosts an online podcast, geared to lifting the name of Jesus Christ in our urban culture! Yadah is the Hebrew word for powerful praise with extended hands, standing on your feet!! Da King is none other than JESUS CHRIST!!! The show founded and hosted by Marquis “Don Christi’on” Franklin in 2009, has consistently impacted lives all across the globe with the perfect blend of our slogan “Bangin’ Music, Upliftin’ Talk & Abundant Life.” DeeJay Kingdom 7 (Colorado) is the co host and has been apart of the YDK team for the past 3 years,  we also have had FROG & Miss Cole be apart of the Yadah Da King Radio in the past. When asked why Yadah Da King Radio, Don Christi’on states, “We felt the need of a radio show that gives advice on how to live an affective Christian life.” We play music on a submission basis only for artists in the Gospel Urban Community from Indie Artists to Majors based on the sound we enjoy, thus making our show unique.

DToleFree– What can I say he is from Oakland, California and playing great music oh and a Christian.

Melvin Grice Is a native of Washington, D.C. who practically grew up in church. But only after finishing his military obligation did he truly begin to realize his purpose. Melvin was called to touch a seemingly unreachable, lost and forgotten generation. His style is bold and fresh and he has a passion to reach and teach youth in particular. Melvin has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years and is currently Youth Pastor of New Season Christian Center in Anchorage, AK. His deepest desire is to see this generation impacted for Christ.

Tina Dixon– Host of The Urban Soul Experience Brings you the best in Gospel and inspirational music on the urban tip of course. Spoken Word, Neo-soul, jazz, worship, Reggae, Calypso, Go-Go, House, Rhythm & Praize and anything SOULful. Artist interviews, DJ spotlights, Jam it or Slam it and more.  Tune in and let the music move you!

Cory Payne– Admin for the site and team.