May 19th Spec is going to drop a new project called Vacancy

Here is the project’s tracklisting.

1. Terms (Intro)
2. Terms & Conditions
3. Heirborn ft. Yung Lyfe
4. Conditions (Reprise)
5. Put Em On ft. Alex Faith, 5ive, J Carter
6. SMH ft. Flame
7. Dont You Know (Que Tu Sabes) ft. V.Rose
8. Buckingham Palace ft. KJ-52, Beleaf of Dream Junkies, Je’ Kob
9. Johnny Cochran ft. Dre Murray, Yung Lyfe, J Drastic
10. All They Need ft. Chrissylane
11. Trusay ft. JG, Yung Lyfe
12. Game of Thrones (Made for It)
13. Orange Soda Interlude (Interlude)
14. Kel Mitchell ft. Asia Lee & Kel Mitchell
15. Shine Down
16. So Surreal ft. Chrissylane
17. Love Me x Love Me Not

Bonus Tracks:
18. 20th Century Fox ft. V.Rose
19. Never Going Back ft. Black Knight

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