Reconcile has released the cover and tracklisting for his upcoming EP Catchin’ Bodies, which will be released September 18.

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The project’s cover art is above, and the tracklist/production credits are below. This is Reconcile’s first project since he signed his production deal with Track or Die. Catchin’ Bodies has been executively produced by Street Symphony.

1. Plottin (prod. by 808XEliTE & D.O. Speaks)
2. 5AM (prod. by Zone Beats)
3. Catch A Body feat. No Malice (prod. by Real Chance Beats)
4. Temptation feat. John Givez, Alex Faith & Tasha Catour (prod. by 808XEliTE & D.O. Speaks)
5. Collateral feat. Adia (prod. by Zone Beats)